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After Independence Day
The 10-megaton nuclear device, in the most probable outcome, would have caused serious but not irreparable damage to the Mother Ship. The world-ship was, after all, some 550 kilometers wide. [1] Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen design error, the main Small Craft Embarkation Area was only about 8 kilometers from the space-twisting drive, which was destabilized by the blast.
As a result, the ship's mass was accelerated rather violently in all directions at once: the majority of those directions being space-time other than our own, which, combined with the fact that what mass was in our dimension was usually moving beyond earth's escape velocity, meant that although the giant ship was in a near-earth geosynchronous orbit a mere 22,000 or so miles up only a small proportion of its mass actually hit the earth (and that was generally in pretty small pieces).
Still, it was an awfully large ship.
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Anyone know a site or program I can use to create an Earth map using different polar coordinates? It's for a map game :P


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